In 1975, GSI founder Wes Porter was a struggling artist and a single father with two small children to raise. While his painting was his first love (and it still is), it didn't always keep the groceries on the table, so Wes took on a few jobs making signs.
He first worked out of his home, propping signs against the walls of his living room, trying to keep the family cats from tracking through the paint. He learned quickly that his creativity, integrity, and can-do attitude brought him more work than he could handle by himself. Renting a storefront and hiring a few of his artist friends he started Graphic Services, and things took off from there.

For nearly forty years, thanks to word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers, Graphic Services grew into an award-winning, full-service graphic arts company, employing a talented team of graphic arts professionals, serving clients large and small nationwide.

By 2013, Wes himself was all but officially retired from the day-to-day business of signs. Serendipitously he was approached late that year by a well-established Richmond firm, Acorn Sign Graphics. They were seeking to expand their existing influence in Northern Virginia. Graphic Services was an attractive property and a good fit with complimentary capabilities and personnel. A deal was struck and Graphic Services was adopted under a new corporate umbrella owned and managed by Steve and Beth Gillispie.

As we continue to grow, we never lose sight of Wes' original formula for success: We use our creativity to find practical solutions for our clients' problems, we keep our promises, and we provide the best products and service the industry can offer.